What to do when your sewer is broken

Working inside Storm DrainWhen the going gets tough we’ve already pressed forward.  In this valley and in the utility and excavation industries there is a lot of unknowns that you have to deal with.  The time and planning that goes into some of the jobs that we do can be daunting, but we always strive to get our jobs done as quickly and as safely as is possible; whether it be installing a lateral for your new house, or replacing your entire neighborhoods underground storm drain system due to complete failure (see the lead in pic to this post.)

People often phone our office and have a problem that they have called other companies about and have been given no information in regards to what they need, just that they can’t help them.  We like to give you the help you need, and hopefully then you will let us do the work that we can to fix your problem.  Here are two examples of what you need to do for one of the most common problems so that you have that info available without the need for a call, but feel free to call anyways, we like to talk to our customers:)

Scenario: You have a damaged / broken sewer or water lateral

What to do 1: If the lateral is broken between your sidewalk and your house you can have us or  a licensed plumber come out and fix it for you.  Dig locations should be called and markings should be put in place to mark out the trench dig area; no matter how small this is important as you never know when a power line is running under your yard and don’t need to risk damage to the line and your own life to save a couple of hours.  After that the damaged line should be cut and removed and a replacement pipe put in.  Then an inspection needs to be performed regarding the pipe installation so that back fill and compaction can be done and you can get back to living your life.

What to do 2: If the lateral is broken out in the street then you need us to come out and fix it, most plumbers aren’t licensed to help you once it goes out into the public right of way.  Dig locations will be called in and marked out for safety as before, and permits will be pulled from your local municipality (the city or county depending on where you live) for encroachment into the public right of way.  Traffic control measures will also need to be put into place so that a safe zone is established around the trench.  As above, once the trench is dug and the break is found, it will be cut out and replaced with new pipe and an inspection will need to be performed regarding pipe installation so that back fill and compaction can be done.  Once the inspection is passed an asphalt patch can be put in to restore the roadway which will also require an inspection.  Once that is passed your repair is over and you get to finally get back to living you life.


I hope that this has been informative for you, and remember that even though it isn’t something that people normally deal with, a lateral break doesn’t have to be a scary thing.  Just call us at 702-853-9001 and we will walk you through the process and answer any questions that you have and hopefully make a bad situation a bit easier to get through.

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