Up and Up for Down Below

Utility Contractor Digs Las Vegas

Getting Down and Dirty

It has been a crazy month for us out here in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.  We have seen more and more new home developments coming up which has allowed us to continue expanding our operations on residential utility installation as well as having many emergency repair jobs for damaged old sewer lines, thank you!

This valley has a drastic turn over of homes with many of the previously foreclosed homes from “The Great Collapse” being snatched up (at least in my area, only 4 homes are for sale when 6 months ago that number was closer to 40) one thing that people should be aware of is that almost no home inspection includes looking at the lines that come into your house supplying you with water, and those that leave taking your waste water and other material away.  Just a couple months ago I had a friend who bought a 10 year old house with a lovely large tree in the front providing shade, little did he know it was also going to provide him with a costly repair bill because the roots had grown into the sewer line and caused it to eventually back up into his showers.

The amount of damage that was done by this tree was not covered by his new homeowner insurance and left him with a repair that hurt his wallet and made for a tight several months.  I know the extra cost of having a plumber come out and camera the line on a house can seem like an unnecessary cost, but my friend would have definitely rather paid a couple hundred dollars for a camera of the line than several thousand for the repair.  It is something that you as a purchaser should be aware of to keep the sale or purchase of your home on the up and up for its’ down below.

If you do find yourself in the need of a repair we can do that for you, but hopefully a little preventative inspection could eliminate the need for us at all.  Enjoy the end of a fabulous June.

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