Recycling on the Job Site leads to cost savings

Reducing waste and cost through re-use and recyclingWhen it comes to recycling on a job site it is a bit different then putting it in the big blue trash can or the color coded bins that we get for our homes here in Southern Nevada.  With job site recycling we use material that is already in the ground, and sometimes even the ground itself in order to save some money for our clients.  Although not always possible due to the nature of construction safety, when it is available job site recycling helps not only your pocket book, but also the environment.  Sometimes those savings can be in the thousands of dollars for something as simple as dirt for pipe zone bedding and back-fill material.

Often times people don’t realize that companies that deal with construction projects can be green; who can blame them, we do drive around in large pickup trucks, have semi trucks hauling loads of material around, as well as just the idea that caring about the earth isn’t “macho.”  Well, here at Ditch Diggers we do care about our environment.  That is one of the reasons that we conserve energy in our office by having automatic lights, use fleet management to make sure we get our jobs done with as few trips as possible, and even use more fuel efficient vehicles for tasks such as getting permits to do construction.  Sure we save some money doing that, but ultimately we care about our environment because it is where we live and where our customers live.  We love living and working in Clark County, we love exploring Red Rock and Mount Charleston as well as going for a day on Lake Meade; so we do our part.  Thanks for letting us continue to serve you, have a great day.

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