Ditches and ‘Wiches

2 (two) Backhoes Bump Fists for "props"

Bro Fist Backhoe Buckets

Kicking this off after a nice weekend of excavating in the hot sun that beat down on us in Henderson, Nevada.  Earlier in the week we were contacted by a customer wanting a koi pond dug in her back yard and she didn’t want to hand dig it due to the size and we were happy to oblige.  We brought out the mini-excavator to get into the back yard without having to crane in anything or remove a block wall (although we did have to temporarily take down the gate to fit.)  The mini excavator was the perfect tool for the job and allowed us to dig quickly and efficiently so a 2 man crew was able to have the job completed in just half a days time including mobilization and some delicious pulled pork sandwiches made by our customer.

Thanks again for the food, and we hope the koi love the new spot once you get your liner and pumps put in for them!


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