Beauty in all things

Beauty in destruction

Sunset on Las Vegas during another round of flooding

Las Vegas had the unfortunate situation of experiencing a lot of flooding recently.  I know that I was personally trapped inside my housing complex as walls of water rushed down the Grand Teton corridor on the Northwest side of town which was not fun.  Even less fun were the many people that thought they knew better than all the billboard and radio ads telling you not to trust your car as a boat; I even saw a Ford Expedition floating down the street on the temporary river that resulted from the quick and heavy rainfall.

This leads to some good though, I saw people coming together to help neighbors and stranded motorists with a place to stay dry and a driveway to park their car in away from the flood.  I saw people out talking to their neighbors where normally not a word to each other is said.  I saw some of the most amazing scenes of natural beauty as the sky lit up with the sun burning through the rain clouds just before it set and turned to a crisp clear night.  I know it sounds dorky, but it was nice to see people getting out from their day to day activities that so engross our lives that we sometimes forget to just sit back and enjoy what we have.

To those that were affected by the flood I am sorry for any loss that you may have had and I hope that it was only a monetary loss.  I do however hope that we can take time to sit back and remember that there exists a great big world out there and we are just a small part of it.  Enjoy experiencing the world around you and have a great day.  And remember…Winter is Coming.

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