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Beauty in all things

Las Vegas had the unfortunate situation of experiencing a lot of flooding recently.  I know that I was personally trapped inside my housing complex as walls of water rushed down the Grand Teton corridor on the Northwest side of town

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What to do when your sewer is broken

When the going gets tough we’ve already pressed forward.  In this valley and in the utility and excavation industries there is a lot of unknowns that you have to deal with.  The time and planning that goes into some of

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Recycling on the Job Site leads to cost savings

When it comes to recycling on a job site it is a bit different then putting it in the big blue trash can or the color coded bins that we get for our homes here in Southern Nevada.  With job

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Safety First

When it comes to safety it has to be a top priority for all involved.  Sometimes the things that we take for granted and many times people take shortcuts that risk their lives to save a couple of minutes on

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Up and Up for Down Below

It has been a crazy month for us out here in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.  We have seen more and more new home developments coming up which has allowed us to continue expanding our operations on residential utility installation

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Ditches and ‘Wiches

Kicking this off after a nice weekend of excavating in the hot sun that beat down on us in Henderson, Nevada.  Earlier in the week we were contacted by a customer wanting a koi pond dug in her back yard

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Coming Soon

This blog is currently under construction, but when it is ready we will be posting pictures of site work we are working on as well as news and informational material related to the utility industry and underground contracting.  Please check

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